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The demon carb you speak of, is it a BG? If so a 650 flows 750cfm (don't belive me, email the company..I did.) But I do not think you are over carbed....As Ed said, if it were a header leak it would be a ticking sound (very anoying, and imbarasing)
I am also in the works of a new motor thing I could never figure out (AND YOU MAY WANT TO LOOK INTO ALSO) is hot and cold spark plugs.
I belive you mention that you are using what was recomended..This is not always the case with a high compression motor.

I have a question for you....this muffler pop, dose it happen always? Or is it just after a hard throtle?
I have a 383 (9.5:1) and it runs fine. But if I open up the throttle all the way and then let off...I get the same thing. I like it. :)
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