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I am planning on doing a drum to disc conversion (in the front) on my 68 ELKY, I want to run power brakes but I was told that when you have a big cam the booster won't work properly. I was also told to look into a hydro boost.

Below are my cam specs.

Should I get the brake kit with the booster or is the booster worthless?

Should I get a hydro boost?

Should I go with discs but without the booster?

I have never heard of a hydro-boost, so now I am a bit confused as to what I should do.

Specifications: * Advertised duration: 288 intake/296 exhaust * Duration at .050 in. cam lift: 234 intake/246 exhaust * Gross valve lift: .497 in. intake/.504 in. exhaust * Lobe separation: 112 degrees * Recommended compression ratio: 11:1 * RPM range for 350 level four: 2000 to 6200 rpm * 11:1 compression ratio recommended

Recommended components for level 3: * Lifters: CRO-66000 * Valve springs: CRO-68301-1 * Hydraulic lifters: CRO-66000 * Retainers: CRO-86032 * Kit (includes lifters springs and retainers): CRO-84000 Recommended components for level 4: * Valve springs: CRO-68390-3 * Retainers: CRO-87048 * Seals: CRO-86072 * Kit ( lifters springs retainers and seals): CRO-84102 (for rpm over 7000 plus. Limited street use.)

Designed as a level 4 cam for 350 engines this cam has a definite lope at idle and is best suited for dual purpose Hot Street/Drag Strip Hot Marine and Oval Track applications. These grinds produce strong mid-range to top-end torque and horsepower. The requirements for this cam are headers dual exhaust large cfm carburetor aftermarket ignition and compression of at least 11:1.
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