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help with senior project

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OK i need to know what the different's is between old paints that people used to today's paint. if u can help me out i need 5 sources and i need where u work and ur name and the location of where u work please thank you so much. or if u know a web site that has anything because i looked and couldn't find anything . thanks again:thumbup:
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Have you tried checking paint manufactureres web sites? they may have a history section to provide history on paint.
The best way to do research is to think things out before you start typing away in the search engines. First, as advanced design stated, visit some paint manufacturer websites and even contact them about this question. Doing some basic searching you will probably find the progression of paint technology. Armed with that information I would then begin searching the specifics. Armed with that knowledge now you could expand your project to cover topics such as:

-chemical differences and improvement
-safety and health
-single stage/ clear coat
-changes in the painting process (tools, machines, etc.)

Hope that helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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