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Hello, i'm new to this forum and new to engines and need some help on getting the best performance out of my truck. I just got my own 1990 Chevy 454 SS Pick Up and it needs some work. I'm looking into getting the best out of this engine on step at a time and the ignition is what needs to be replaced first on this particular truck. After that the carburator, pipes, muffler, etc...

I am looking into replaceing the existing distributor, spark plug wires, coil, and add a Ignition control all with MSD parts. I'm still not very well educated in engines and parts and all that stuff so help me out.

What series parts would you recomend for this truck as far as the ignition system goes? And whats up with all the other parts like the Timing Computor and retard module, flashing chips, etc...?

I need help!

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Good tune up

more than likely this is an OBD II car..get yourself a tester and plug it in and pull the codes to see what is up with the check engine lites..The test instruments are cheap these days..

I would just do a good through plugs..filters check belts all the basic stuff before I go too excited about changing anything..Service the cooling system while you are at this..

The GM HEI is a good ignition..should work fine..

Study on the carb you now have and get it adjusted correctly..

A K&N filter system is a good addition on these trucks..that and some headers and a better exhaust..

An electric fan setup will gain some HP..takes a dual fan setup on these trucks..

You will learn a lot just getting everything you now have working for you..

Do a transmssion service on the truck...A shift kit may help you provided the trans is in good shape...

Thing that I am getting at is to make what you have run very well..Learn the basics before going into any mods..A stock 454 SS is a very fast piece when properly tuned..Hard to beat what GM did to these things at the factory..
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