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Check out summit. For headers, you'll just want to check and see if they list anything as fitting that model, for the carb, that really depends on how much you want to spend. A nice Edelbrock should do the trick, or a demon.

Are you using the stock intake? If so, that is probably a spreadbore for a rochester, so take that into account when looking at carbs, as you will need an adapter plate (not that it's a big deal, in fact raisng the carb up a little to get it further away from engine heat is often a good thing!)

If you are using an aftermarket intake, is it spreadbore or square?
If you are thinking about getting an intake, it is usually well worth the investment. Headers alone will make a difference, but it will be even more of a difference if you open up the breathing on the intake side as well. After all, the amount of air the engine needs to exhaust is directly proportional to what it can suck in.
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