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heres the pictures of my car you asked for

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BatMan09 heres the pictures. I took them this summer as we have about 9 inches of snow right now. Some of the engine pictures are from before I added the performer RPM manifold and the HEI.
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The old manifold was an edlebrock c4b aluminum
That is one beautiful chevelle!!!!!I love that color.The whole car looks perfect!!!Come check out my 1967 nova!!!
That is a beautiful car. When I was about 14 the boyfriend of the girl next door had one. It was light blue. It sat up all the way around with a chrome front straight axle. It had a wicked 327 and a 4 speed. It was a great car but not as nice as yours. I looked at some when I was buying a car but thought the engine compartment was a little too cramped. Especially When I wanted a big block car. I did see one this summer where they redo the shock towers. The guy did a great job on it and there was all kinds of room under the hood. If I came across one for a decent price I would pick it up. Around here anything 75 or newer has to be pollution tested. So I have to stay old.

I just went to Mississippi to buy a 66 Nova SS for my father-in-law. It was like pulling teeth for him to do ANYTHING (loves to sit and think about things). After finally convincing him that I would go and get it for him, we were off. 1200 miles from the time I left my home, I had his Nova in his garage the Monday before Christmas.

HERE is the add for it when he saw it. I (as well as my father-in-law) am not fond of the side exhaust, spinners on the rims, or the air breather on the Demon Carb. He is in the process of changing all of that out now.

Yours is really nice. That interior is just awesome. Touch of styling and class. I really like that.
That nova sure is nice!!!!Is it a real ss or a clone?If its a real ss you got an incredible deal!!Either way its beautiful!!!BM
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