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Heritage A and F

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Any of you guys have any experience with
Heritag A and F? I'm interested in a '32 3 window coupe and they have one that fits my limited budget. I realize they won't be Wescott or Gibbons, but either is their price. Any input will be appreciated.

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I cannot recomend any of their products. You would be far, and I do mean FAR better off the save the dough and get a quality body and chassis.

I have not only seen some tragic problems with their stuff, but heard a great deal from others as well. Diamond frames, sunken roofs, mis-shaped parts, etc.

I just spoke to some new guys at the Nat's a few weeks ago, New Age, and they have a really nice product. I am currently trying to get set up as a dealer from their product. They did not have a 3w in Louisville, but their 5w, with drip rails, was awesome. The roadster was straight as can be, with recessed inner doors for the interior panels, beaded cowl lip, ribbed firewall, dovetails in the doors, etc. EVERY bit as nice as a Wescott.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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