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I just stumbled across this web site, read for about and hour, and thought it was the coolest site ever. Where was this kind of info when I was 21 doing my first 383 stroker and having very little info of knowledge.
I'm 43, kids are out of the house, and can Finally do some rodding again.
I've built a few engines and rods, but sold them all to support kids and wife, you know!
I own and operate a construction company in Calgary.
I'm a 3rd year auto mech but never finished it. I have an 80 Z28 on hold and I'm working on an 89 Chevy short box that i've owned for years. I love nascar and NHRA.
My first cool build was a 383 stroker high rise dual carb in an 81 trans am. I'm still bummed I sold it 21 years ago.
Thanx for having me!
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