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Hi there..

its been a while sence ive had internet and havent been online in quite some time..This is my 1984 Dodge Rampage.
Got it for free, needed just about everything it could need to get it to drive..
This is what I started with about a year and a half ago.....

I got it road worthy and reliable for a daily commuter..
New brakes, seals, carb, clutch, ect..

I then got a new truck and then desided to tinker and have some fun with it.. After lots of suspension mods including Koni adjustable struts and Koni rear adjustable shocks ment for a volvo and customized fto fit, lots of parts, swaybars, ect.. 15x6.5 wheels and autocross rubber..
I turned it into a hell of a canyon carver.. I also added a cowl hood scoop from a 80's Charger 2.2 and cut it to function for under hood heat venting..

And then came the attitude adjustment..
17" wheels, aggresive tires (Yokohama AO35R's) and flipping the rear axel ontop of the rear leif springs.. Trucklet rode exactly the same, but now it handels just that much better..

In progress, Im ditching the 80hp sohc 2bbl carburated setup for a multi port fuel injected turbocharged intercooled sway from a Dodge Daytona Shelby Z (200hp)
considering that this is a 2190pd truck with a full tank of gas and full interior, this should scoot pretty nicely..
Ill be running this off of 1988 Lebaron electronics and a 88 Daytona Shelby Z ecu..

I just got my intake and valve cover back from the powdercoaters.. I love it.. Candy blue..

Also a custom built getrag 555 with a custom 3.50fd beefed up cromoly end plate and a T-Trac posi..

So far thats where im at..
also, im Chris and im located in Modesto, CA..
any members around me?
thanks for lookin
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