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Found this forum through a simple search and found some good info.

A bit of background on me and my vehicles.

Names dustin, I'm from Biloxi MS and 19 years old.
I have a 81 Silverado with a sbc 350 nothing fast but it runs good and I also have a project build 86 Silverado swb as well.

I have some questions that need to be answered and seeking info on

Next year I plan on building a 450+ hp 383 stroker.
I have a 4 bolt main 350 I was wanting to have bored 40 over, forged pistons and crank/rods. Aluminum heads and all the other works

I found some pistons I would like to use that are forged and with a 58cc head they will make 10.4 compression. I'm also entertaining the thought of nitrous?
Any pointers and build advice will be appreciated.
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