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The Maxxion Moldable Plastic Panelboard that Miami Corp. sales is called Komatex. It's a expanded PVC that's for indoor/outdoor applications. It has an exceptional durability and can be shaped by heat, saw, router, knife or die. It comes in 1mm to 19mm thickness. 3mm being 1/8" thick. I live in Alabama so I found a supplier in Birmingham ( Grimco ) who sales wholesale sing supplies. I drove up there and picked up three 4X8 sheets for $58.00 they where on sale for $18.50. They are $22.00 each any other time there. I use it on panels that need to hold there shape.

I use 1/8" LuAnn Plywood the most. I just got 13 sheets for right around $100.00


1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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