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I think I was registered on this site before, I dumped my cookies and couldn't log, I registered again and here I am.
I have been a lifelong hotrod guy, got my first car ('34 Chev 3-window coupe) in 1953. Then a long list of cars including 3 '36 Ford 3-windows and a '47 Merc convert. Also had a custom '50 Olds 98 convert.
Having retired from the body business in 1994 and moving from Minnesota to New Mexico I have been enjoying building some fun cars : a '34 Ford roadster, a 1948 Buick Roadmaster and my current project, a 5.4 Triton powered '56 Ford F100 p/u. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and it seems there is always something new to learn.
Thanks for listening to me, Buford 8.


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