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HI Everyone.

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Well, I'm a 19 year old full time worker/student. Recently I purchased 71' Chevy Vega 2300. Being as I know very little about cars and now own a hotrod, I figured it's best I start looking for websites online.

As of right now the car doesn't run, it has the inline 4, overhead cam i beleive. I hope to in the future put a slightly built 327 in it, not sure on what tranny, but would most likely be a 4 speed for sure.

As mentioned, I work full time as a framer and currently have 3 years of full time school planned ahead of me for computers. I figure computers are easier to learn so i'll do that first, besides, there's more money in computers. =D

I'm hoping to read through as many as the past topics as I can to find any information that will be of any help to me.

Thanks for reading about me.

PS. Right now I'm currently at school with some free time on my hands. Anyways, soon I hope to get some pics of my car on here, the quality will be bad, but oh well.
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Welcome to the forum.
Vegas were notorious for bad motors.
Beware of the cost of putting a v8 in a vega.
The headers alone cost a fortune.

You may want to consider a cheaper project.
F bodies are the cheapest to build.
Hey, thanks for your reply. Well, I'm in no rush to get this thing built and running, so I think i'll stick with it. Should make a really good learning experience.

Though, how much are the headers? At my current pace I'm probably 2 to 4 years away from finishing the car.
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