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HI my name is Doug and I'm a caraholic...

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I'm Doug.

I own Dill, a sweet Willow Green on Black 65 Impala SS.

Looking for some good info.

I have basic car knowledge.. some technical insight, but need to know more ideas for my engine.
Here are some pics. Sadly these are still from when I purchased the car.

Since then I've installed a vacujm pump, front disc brakes with chrome booster, and a lovely pairing of dougs tri-y to dual flowmaster delta 50s!!

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Welcome to the forum Doug,We are caraholics too! :thumbup:
thanks for the welcome redlightning.

hope you come back and view the pics i forgot the first time.

I'm proud of my homie "Dill"... he's my dream car!
Welcome Doug....We are glad you joined. :welcome:
Welcome Doug ... Nice girlie ya got there .... Im Kim Im your Head Greasewhore around here.. We avoid AA .. Autoholics Anonymous.. We all share each others pains... gains.. and we even sometimes share the envy's of other rodders.. Looks like ya got yourself one sweet project . I have a 1972 Monte Carlo .. she was 3 years in the making but I have almost finished her..

Glad to have ya ! :thumbup:

Nice car, a good friend of mine has one with the green cloth interior. He added a cowl hood and some nice wheels. Looks great and stands out at a show.

Welcome to the site Dill-the 65ImpSS. :welcome: Lots of info and opinions here. To get the most out of the site check out the Knowledge Base and use the search function for quick answers to your questions. As well check out the Project Journals for info and inspiration. Glad to have you here and enjoy the site.

fredom 53 just joined and he has a 65 too.

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Hi Doug and welcome. Love your ride. It brings back alot of memories. I had a 65 Impala when i finished school. Had alot of good memories with that car. It's funny how you wish you would have kept her after you see another one.
Everybody thanks for the welcomes!!

67 canso s/d: Glad I can help you reminisce... hopefully not too painful! :cool:

I am lucky to have things together enough to already own my dream car and be planning my stable! :D

:spank: :spank: :spank:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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