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my name is James and i am working on a 1976 dodge

i will post some details later if anyone wants to hear them :D
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hi James,welcome aboard.Can you be more specific about the Dodge?
sorry i didnt have enough time to fill in all the details about it before :D

anyway back to the vehicle

its a 1976 Dodge D5N

running gear and chassis are all in excellent condition,
it has reconditioned Hemi 245 in it, we had it running yesterday and it sounds pretty good

gearbox is a chrysler 4 speed manual

it isnt the normal pickup version though, its an ex-ambulance so it has a covered body on the back

it needs a fair bit of rust work in the doors, and around where the door hinges are bolted on up towards the front window, also along the top of the front window on the inside

so its mainly rust work

here is a few photos from google (I will take some of the vehicle later)

the pickup version

and my one (this is the actual vehicle)

any advice on bad rust around the windscreen and the bottoms of the doors missing like that?
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Welcome to the site.. :thumbup:
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