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The project vehicle is a 79 Dodge B series Van. Been in the family since new and was parked due to a bad brake master cylinder in late 07. Talk of scrapping it came and went a few times before I decided to take on a personal project of reviving it to its former glory earlier this year. With Chrysler forever lost to history IMO that and the simple reasoning of why kill off another reasonably solid, running vehicle that can be used as a backup vehicle. and just to have something different from the every day sea of boring plastic junk out there nowadays.

My experience and comfort zone when it comes to wrenching is FWD 2.2/2.5 powered Mopars from the mid 80's until the early 90's. V8's and RWD aren't exotic to me but there not the everyday thing either. Wth the little bit I have done so far in reviving this van I can see the influence and parts sharing that chrysler applied to the trans-4's and later engines.

See you around the boards.

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