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Here ir another idea you can use i have done this several times,clean both sides of the hole to the bare metal get yourself one of those large soldering irons,( the ones that you plug in and wait for 10 min. to heat up) after cleaning both sides of hole, back it with some metal maybe .050 make it a little larger than the hole soak it with a good quality soldering flux and just fill it with solder works great a little filing and sanding and you are done i just use a piece of wood or what ever you have to hold the metal in place until the solder cools, I have also used this to fill in holes where chrome strips use to reside when doing this use a contersink in your drill motor and just hit it a few times to give you more surface for the solder to stick to flux it and solder on small holes you do not need metal backing. hope this helps. :D
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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