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Didn't think this belonged in the engine forum so I'll put it here.
Does anyone know of a good holley carb tuning book. A took a quick look at amazon and they only have a couple that are really expensive(I think 30-40 with shipping is steep) and really old.
I am young and I never had to jet a carb and I dont have any old 4150s laying around to tinker with. I have a 670 street avenger for my 350 and once I finally get it on the road I have a feeling like I am going to have to adjust something. Id rather read through a book a few times then tackle it. Thats how I ended building the 350 and the turbo 350 trans.
Thanks in advance for reading and any replies.
Sorry if this is not the right area of the board.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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