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yragat said:
I have a Datsun 4 cyl in a 26 T,it had sidedrafts and I changed to a 390 cfm Holley. The instructions say to adj the float untill the gas is at the bottom of the site holes.Because of my car setting on a pretty big rake and also the way the offy intake is designed the carb is no way near level and all the wedges made to put under the carb are made that they would tilt my carb from side to side not forward or backward like I would need.What I want to know is in this situation should the floats be adjusted higher than stock or lower? Look at the pics&you will see what I mean.
Thanks Gary

cool, I like the Datsun idea. :thumbup:

Most manifolds are usually designed to have the carb about level when the engine is down behind about 3* in normal drivetrain installations. Yours looks to be tilted too far forward with the rake angle.

I would just jack up (drive up a curb) the vehicle to make the carb level and adjust it as per specs. Drive it and see how it runs.

If you run the floats high or low, the effect is similar to changing the jetting about 1-2 sizes. If it gets 1/4 inch low you will probably be starving for fuel.

At least going down steep hills you don't need a lot of power if the carb is tilted and too lean from float level.
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