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Holley Sniper Throttle Cable Bracket (Hardin Marine)

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Hi all I don't know if any of you guys are having issues with using the Lokar bracket that supposedly fits the Holley Sniper EFI system on my SBF, On my setup the cables were at a very weird angle and no matter what I could not get them to have the proper angel to prevent them rubbing. I started looking around and found a few that looked like they might work but I thought I see if the marine shops had a better solution.

Hardin Marine had this available through their website. I's stainless steel and I'm going to be making my own throttle and kick down brackets that fit on this. The throttle will go on top, kick down underneath. Believe me this thing is super solid when it's bolted down. I'm thinking of polishing it up since it's stainless using Flitz.

Their part number is # 125-457855 it's only 44.99 plus shipping. I don't work for Hardin Marine just thought if someone else was having the same issue this would help.

Stainless Steel Throttle Cable Bracket For Holley Sniper EFI Systems
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