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DJDaudios project was an inspiration for me,so about 2 months ago i've started design my own homemade MIG welder.

At first i went to a local junkyard and i got a 24V motor from a truck,it used to move the wipers,it has a good torgue and satisfying speed.Also took an old MIG welding torch and for theese 2 i paid 30 $.

Then i design myself a very simple control board to control the wire feed speed and the solenoid relay for gas,also i designed a good 24VDC to power this board.

With a friend of mine we made our own wire feeder in wich we attached the motor,then bought of the internet the "connector" for the MIG torch and 2 days i've tested them and its really really good.

I will provide the power to weld from and Inverter Arc welder i have (GYSmy 161),i think it will work.

Now im having trouble to find an affortable gas regulator for CORGON gas and it is the only thing that is missing so i can test this project.

I know some people will judge negativelly this project but i don't care...

Please excuse my bad English

I would like to thanks DJDaudio for being an inspiration for this project and i hope we can chat about it sometime!

Bellow some photo's of my construction
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