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Home made tools

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Home made tools!

Any of you guys make some of your own tools.
Homade blast cabinet for example or anything like that?
Something you had to modify to work better etc.
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53LEDSLED said:
its to hold 2 pieces of flat (or kinda flat) sheet metal together while keeping them flush and close together (0.0299" ~ 22 gage) it works really good.

what i did was cut the the threaded rod just long enough to grip onto the wing nut and then mark it in the middle with a cut-off saw. i used the mark to start cutting it down the middle with a hacksaw (it has a thin blade so the 22 gage metal will fit perfect) i then spot welded a small piece of 22 gage metal to it and bend the bottom part.

Harbor Freight sells them for I thing 4 for about $5.00. But I did not see them on the counter and asked and they were behind the counter by the welding stuff. Ed ke6bnl
here are a couple of picture of my car dollies I made, found the wheels in a garage sale for 25 cents each bought the whole bucket of them, they look like they were cut off of floor jacks.

still need to make a couple more and many more tools.
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1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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