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Home made tools

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Home made tools!

Any of you guys make some of your own tools.
Homade blast cabinet for example or anything like that?
Something you had to modify to work better etc.
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Home made pressuriized sand/media blaster holds about 700lbs of stuff.

110 lb ones run about just over $1,000 mine cost about $25

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53 ledsled ,

Can I see a different angle of that?

What do ya use it for?


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Well I dont know if this counts as a tool or more of a attachment but it was one of the more complex things I made from scratch. . .

Its called a" stinger" for moving Mobile homes across black top roads just like on the back of a "toter" this was when the little machines they have now were way expensive.

Bull dozer's don't do good on asphalt :nono:

I thunk it up all by myself :drunk:

Man I was sweating it because I didn't know if it would work :sweat: :sweat: but it did
I couldn't tell if the tractor would wheelie or not until I hooked it up :sweat: theoretically it was 50/50 but I knew if it DID wheelie I could fill the bucked with dirt or something for counter weight

4" bore 4' stroke Hydraulic ram with a electric over Hydraulic "monarch pump" 12 volts that fit on the back of a 1971 CASE CBK 580 back hoe

1" plate for the whole thing :D

The back hoe detached

The ball had a double hitch & I made a stand for it too as seen here
Blurry sorry

Took about a month to build after hours & was the only one in the area I know about that could move mobile homes on pavement

It never got painted because I got hurt & had to leave the job

& I never got to weigh it either lost all the digital pictures to a virus too they probably scrapped it for beer money by now :rolleyes:

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powerrodsmike said:
Hey Rob, Are you sure that isn't your thermos? :thumbup: mikey
In the day time as far as the DEA know it 's SAND BLASTER!! :mwink:

At night when the moon is right its a still :drunk:

Fuels us & the race cars

Zoom Zoom Zoom :D

Originally it was a commercial pool filter

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do thse work with a table ?

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