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Home made tools

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Home made tools!

Any of you guys make some of your own tools.
Homade blast cabinet for example or anything like that?
Something you had to modify to work better etc.
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I feel right at home now.
The grinder I made out of an old washing machine motor and a rim from an old ford. I think I spent 22.00 on it total. it is set up to power my wet stone also.

The press brake goes in my 55 ton press. It will bend 12 gauge mild steel 90* 30" wide.

The pulley wrench is for turning motors over that have no balancer bolt. The chain and curved foot go in the groove of a pulley and you work it like a oil filter wrench.

The little gauges are for checking the installed angle of U-joints and the one with the zip ties is for checking the pushrod depth in a master cylinder to brake booster pushrod relationship.
I got more coming , mikey


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Here is some more
I made my own tubing bender. I have several others but none of them worked like I wanted them to.
This one gets really close to the fitting if I want it to. The part with the bolt through it flips over to bend tubing or close to the tubing nut. There is a small notch on the stationary part of the handle to do close offsets. The die rolls around to make putting the tube in easier. It is helpful when you are working in close quarters like under a car.


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Here's some mora....
Here is a little edge roller I made for doing little trim pieces. It will go around curves too. I made the flanger also.( the flanger was way fun. I had to make a holder to put a die grinder on my lathe tool post,(live tooling, mikey style), so I could modify a 5/8" end mill so I could cut the T shaped die block that fit over the jaws on the vise grips. It only took me about 6 hours to make that tool and save the 35.00 it would have cost me to buy a set of flangers.)
The block looking thing goes in my press and will squish a GM steering shaft back into a double "D" after it gets shortened.
I have scads of this stuff. Mikey


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Rob Keller said:
Home made pressuriized sand/media blaster holds about 700lbs of stuff.

110 lb ones run about just over $1,000 mine cost about $25

R :thumbup:
Hey Rob, Are you sure that isn't your thermos? :thumbup: mikey
1Rookie said:
This is good. It's always interesting to see how we can manage to create things that we need. If you dont mind i'll borrow a lot of ideas here lol.
It's fun to share. BUT- If I see my idea on a tool rack somewhere being produced and sold by 1rookie tool company we will have to share a little the other way though. hahahaaha. (that's why i don't share the GOOD stuff. just cant't trust everyone.)
So what kind of car are you working on, 1Rookie?
some pics would be cool.
later, mikey
aminga said:
I took an old leaf blower and made a welding cart.
Is that the remnants of the leaf blower in the back under the gas bottle?, with the tall handle?
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