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Home made tools

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Home made tools!

Any of you guys make some of your own tools.
Homade blast cabinet for example or anything like that?
Something you had to modify to work better etc.
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Now that's what I'm talking about.
This is good. It's always interesting to see how we can manage to create things that we need. If you dont mind i'll borrow a lot of ideas here lol.
Geez dont worry about 1rookie tool company!!! For years I played (helped) others with theyre projects. a freind Nova SS 73, Chevelle 70 things like that, earlier in life I had a road runner 69 I paid 2500$ for a while It was mint and I was the second owner (wish I still had this one$$$) and a nova 73 that I took apart and drag raced a couples of years. Then I bought a house with no garage thats why I was helping others. Now we just got a new house and the condition was it had to have a garage. 21 by 28 by 10 ft high while building it I installed 2 air lines per wall at 4 ft high in the structure and all the electrical stuff. 220v for the compressor and another for the welder + one more just in case. Ill post pics as soon I get some. The toys are a 95 mustang GT a Harley Road King 2003 and a my wife has a 2005 Sporster. But as soon i install a 4 post lift I'll find a project to play with. I need the lift bcaus I dont want to lose parking space for the stang and hogs.
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I was forgeting my biggest toy.... a 2005 Peterbilt 387. Took all the sleeper interior out and modified it. Installed a folding table and stuff like that.
1 - 5 of 68 Posts
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