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Here's a couple of pics of an air dryer we built for our air compressor system. We were getting a lot of moisture in our air tank. And enough moisture in the compressed air that a sandblaster was just about useless becaus it would clog up. And we have hopes of spraying some paint eventually. So we got a couple of A/C condensers from the "U-Pull-It, built a rack to hold them, and placed a box fan behind each one. The copper tubing connects the compressor to the condensers, and acts as a "Pre-Cooler" because the air discharge from the compressor gets really HOT. Also added a solenoid valve to isolate the air pressure from the piping system when the compressor circuit is de-energized. The moisture ends up in the small cylinder between the air reservoir tanks, and has a drain valve to empty it out. We haven't used it much yet, but so far it seems to work pretty well.


1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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