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I know there are ten threads like this, but I am still a bit confused on the general setup. People keep saying they use fans to keep the area pressurized???? Also are you better off putting two box fans as exhaust with no fan sucking air in, or 1 intake and one exhaust? Is it better to keep the intake fan not blowing right on the paint? And as far as an Air vent, are you guys just using like 12" rubnber hose as a vent or is it actually a fan pushing fresh air into it? I have all the plasitc and the setup is good but I am a bit confused as far as the fans and fresh air and pressure??????Please help as io am priming today?
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Your right.... There are already a bunch of threads and you should probably read them. There is a lot of good info. I will attempt to get you "caught up" quickly and then I am sure other people will chime in.

The issue with exhaust fans (and a bit controversial) is if they really need to be explosion proof even with filters in front of them. Remember if you are pulling your fumes through them to exhaust the room there is a potential that the fan will ignite the fumes.

The theory is to pressurize the room by blowing fresh air into the room. Still through a filter to control dust, but no fumes will be going through the fan. Then use filters on a plane opening (no fan) to allow the fumes to escape the room.

Fresh air... you need to use more than just a hose. You need to buy or build a fresh air system. I chose to buy a SAS fresh air system with hood for aprox $750. This way I new it was safe. I bought the pull over hood as a kit. I am now looking to upgrade it will a full face mask. The full face mask does not protect your head and neck etc, but seals better and IMHO protects your lungs better.

Hope that helps to catch you up.
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