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I was helping my son's friend with her 07 honda civic.
I'm no Honda guy, but I think I have this one figured out. I wanted to see what y'all say though.

So she's got a p0455, and 497.
It popped up RIGHT after a shop replaced her fuel pump. They deny doing anything wrong.
Probably impossible to prove, BUT.... The first time she went to get gas, the pump didnt stop, and gas went everywhere. Thats much more than just an emissions hassle.
That is dangerous.

I have experience with this sort problem because in my van, after doing the fuel pump, I damaged the inner tube that runs from the where you put the gas nozzle, to the tank.
I couldnt free the stupid hose off, so I gently convinced it to come free, and busted the inner tube.
I was lazy, so I just tossed that part. I have become proficient in knowing exactly how many gallons to add to avoid overflowing the system.
The pump will not cut off with my rigged up system. I havnt overflowed it in 10 years. I've gotten used to it.

Hmmm, her problem sounds familiar. What the chances the shop damaged, and or removed that part on her 07 Civic?
I'd bet money.

I erased the codes, and in GA, as long as she hits the emissions test with only 1 incomplete, which will the evap monitor if its like my chevy, then she can legally get her tag.
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