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Hey guys,
I'm building my first rat rod and need some assistance. I am currently in the process of gathering the important parts before I just dive in to it. I am working with a 1951 Chevy sedan frame. My friend is giving me a mid 80s cougar. I plan on using some parts from it, like the rear end and possibly the front suspension setup. I was just wondering if it would be a good idea to use the steering setup from the cougar for the project or if there is a "favorite" that everyone likes to use. Any input is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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why cross breed??? it's easier to stick with one or the other,,but a lot of people do it... just make sure you know what you are doing,,, or else you'r gonna have a trailer of parts that will be going to junk yard....
what is it you'r trying to build???
a chevy truck???
a cougar??
how about a cougar truck???
LOL. Im basically building a rat rod with a spattering of parts. the frame is from a 51 chevy sedan. I plan on using some sort of pickup cab/box for the body. Ive been told that ford rearends are the best. this cougar has an 8.8 with 3.73:1 gears. although i'll probably change those once the rest of my drivetrain is complete so i get the proper gearing for the whole setup. its basically gonna be a topless cab on an old chevy frame. mainly just wondering if its a good idea to use the steering column from the vehicle i use the front end off of.
if your gonna build a "rat rod" you got the option to use anything!!! the older and more tore -up the better..."rats"don't look good with a lot of aftermarket shiny and new parts on/in should be able to find everything you need at junkyards..that's why there "ratrods"...
....and not trailer queens.... :thumbup:
quit askin,, and start wrong answers here...anything goes....
The front suspension in the mid 80s Cougars is a modified McPherson strut, how is that going to work??
Canzus said:
The front suspension in the mid 80s Cougars is a modified McPherson strut, how is that going to work??
That's a good question. I don't have the cougar yet so I haven't had a change to look it over. I just found a free front end for a 40s chevy on craigslist. The guy says it has disc brakes on it, so it must have been converted, unless there was a disc brake front end in the 40s that i dont know about lol. anyway, i'll probably use that. the disc brake kits seem to go for anywhere from 400 all the way up to 700 if you want the master cylinder too. That seems like the best option.


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