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Hi To All,
I am Ian Skews ,I live Bunbury Western Australia and I am 52. My interest in hot rodding lies in my two Chevs, I have 1927 truck that looks just like the truck in the Beverly hillbillies and it was owned by a character by the name of "Stirrup Iron Jack", it is at present on show at the Dardanup Heritage Museum . My main interest is my 1935 Chev Ute or pickup as they are known outside of Australia, I just recently puchased a 1957 Blue Flame six from a Chev Viking Truck that I hope to fit, the car will be an old school type rod and I will only fit period mods, I am hoping to find some alloy engine plates and tappet cover to make it look flash ,a local camshaft company has a profile for a warm cam grind and I will eandevour to fit multi carbs.I have fitted 16" chrome wheels also .This is my first attempt at hot rodding and have been encouraged and supported by Ian Willis of Real Steel Rods in Cookernup. I hope I can contribute this site and will really apprececiate any guidance on my trip to Hot Rodding. :)
Best Regards
Ian Skews (Skewsy)
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