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It seems you people are not looking at the large picture. These shops don't pay the same prices for the supplies that you, as individuals do. Earl buys the paints in "off" colors, in that they are not the same shades, or brands for that matter, that you would get. And he buys them in large qunatities. As far as the quality of the work, it depends on where you go. Sure, the cheepo paint jobs at Earls, are not show quality. If you go to one of the local "quality" shops and ask for a "cheepo" job, it won't be show quality either. As far as the MAACO shops are concerned, I have seen quality bodywork from the ones in this area. They are independantly owned and it depends on the owner and his management team what goes out of his shop. The same for independant shops. As an insurance adjuster, I have seen some real garbage that has come out of the shops that the local people thought were "quality" shops. Like has been said a thousand times. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Don't ask for quality work at a cheepo price. It doesn't work that way.
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