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Well, now that I have my engine running good again I'm enjoying driving my '66 Mustang. big thing that I noticed this weekend is how much the car sways when I take my foot off the gas after heavy acceleration.

In a nutshell....I accelerate hard (which is fine) but then when I let off the gas, the car lurches to the left. Also, I think my front wheels lean when I corner. I just noticed it and I don't know if that's normal.

Is this fairly common? Where do I begin to look? How do I check my front suspension? Do I jack up the front so that the tires are hanging and just look for looseness anywhere?

Thanks Greg.

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Good place to start

with jacking it up and shaking all the moving pieces..should not tbe a lot of slop in any of the moving parts..

Then do an alignment to see that everything is in the proper order in that area..shocks may be at issue here if they are worn or one of them has leaked and lost its fluid..

there is camber change in these cars when cornering that you cannot get rid of..but if it is properly aligned it is not a big problem..

Try this and see if it solves the issue..

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