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How do I chop a truck top?

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Can someone direct me to where I can read a "how to" version of how to chop a truck top?
Rusty :eek:
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you take a cutting tourch and start cutting as straight as you can :D :D :D

Good luck to ya ;)
I am nearing the day that I chop the top of my awesome 86 Chevy pickup. I know my dad, my boss, and myself could just wing it, but I would love some info from anyone who has done it in the past. If u see this post and r in a talkative mood, email me and tell me every detail as to how you did the deed to ur hot rod.
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Rusty , click on the "search" button in the middle of the page on this site you may find some past discussions about that subject that may be helpful to you. Also search the web for articles or "How To Books" on chopping tops. Books A Million may have something also. I don't think anyone can tell you ALL of the details that it takes to do a chop. I know, I've done a few and something new always comes up that you didn't expect or something works out better than you thought it might. Like using the rear glass & frame from another car that may fit & look good without the exspence of having a custom glass made. A good imagination always helps. :D

This is a good place to see one take place. Lots of good build ups here

I chopped the top on my 48 F1 about 9 months ago. You didn't say what type of a truck you are going to chop. I took 31/2" out of my top. I did mine by cutting the roof into four sections and then adding filler sections to fill the gaps left when the lid is lowered. The shape of the cab will ultimately determine the cuts that you will make. If it is straight up and down like a Model A you might only have to remove the desired amount out of the pillars and doors without cutting the roof apart and adding metal.If you have a sloped cab such as mine was you will either have to cut the roof into sections or slant the posts in. Actually you might even have to do a combination of both. Hope I didn't confuse you.
You didn't say what year and model truck i just did a 49 chevy in quite a novel way some say, it saved alot of warpage trouble, would be glad to advise.Precision is of the upmost importance saves time in the long run.Lots of good coments out there.
I prefer to find another top from another truck. It can be a different truck, but better if it is the same kind and year. Cut out most of the center and use the skin from the other top so all your welds are on the edges, keeps the body work mostly on the edge and not the center. Quarter the top like above making one side front or rear longer to cover the missing gap. Both front to back and side to side. This may sound goofy but if you never did one try it first on and old junk yard truck. Better to blow a few bucks on a junker than on your pride and joy.
Thanks for all the information-I forgot to mention that my truck is a 1/2 ton 1936 Dodge.
dude ......
cool ride ya got goin.....
i chopped the top on my 64 International Harvester
yours should b much easier cause ya got flat glass.
the guys choppin with curved 2 cents is to pocket your windshield.........
it is alot of work but well worth the efort in the end.
build a pocket under your widshield so it sits lower and you don't have to cut the glass....
do lots of planning b4 you cut....
it took me 3 trucks to build one top for mine.....
it is awsome ..........once done.....yeah :p :cool:

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Streetrodder magazine and Rod and Custom have articles running in last 6 months but was a coupe. Takes lots of marking taping and pre planning.Ray
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