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How much boost pressure can stock 83' 350 handle? E85 conversion

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Hello, does anyone know how much boost pressure i could safely give a chevrolet 350 with a 9.0:1 compression ratio without modifying the internals and how many hp would that be about?

My plan would be to convert it from gasoline to E85 (85% ethanol/15% petrol) to avoid detonation and possibly get around some of the european emissions standards before putting turbos on it.

The turbo would be something like a single or double t3 Mitsubishi TD05 16g turbo used on the volvo 2/7/900 series rated for 0.9 bar or 13 psi each

But the question is how much boost do YOU know a stock 350 can handle, i would be happy with "only" getting 400hp from a 200hp stock engine, but am i dreaming or is it possible?

Sorry for bad grammar, hope it is not too offensive :p
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