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How much fuel

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Does any one have a good formula, to how much fuel is needed ,in a particular application ,350 sbc xe 268,ported 041 heads,4 speed,edelbrock rpm manifold and carb 800 cfm, and the limitations of 3/8 fuel line ,Thanks.
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That cam and heads 3/8 line will be sufficient.Figure .5lbs of fuel per hp per hr.Example 300 hp output for one hour would be approx 150lbs of fuel since gas is approx 6 lbs per gallon 150 /6=25gph . Just guestimate your power level use the formula and add a little capacity at the pump for safety for the 300 hp example 35 gph would be over kill.
hpw much fuel

Thanks for the tip,I have a pro comp #2751 that flows 140 gph free [email protected],I cant understand why my car pulls hard till 5000 rpm then hesitates mometarily and pulls again till 6000 rpm my inline filter is clean, could it be the sending units filter I suspect it could be the stock one after 30 years the tank and filter might be full of dirt & grime or who knows what. my timing is 16 initial 35 total . I cant figure it out .
Does it pull clean in the lower gears or have the flat spot in all of em?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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