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How Much Pl In The Engine...synthetic Or Non Synthetic In The Rear...

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Well im going up north soon..(about 1200km) from where i am. Im gunna change all my fluids out.. but heres the thing.... Its an 89GMC S15 with a 350TBI engine and a 700R4 tranny...I bought it like this so i dont know a bunch... what i wanna know is how many liters of oil it takes and also what rear end fluid it takes...What i was told was it is still the 10 bolt reaer end(which i checked and it is) with 3:73 gears.. now i beileve its a posi rear end cus if i spin em both rear tires spin till i let off the break...(done some decent burnnouts allready!!!!! lol only a couple tho dont wanna burn her out!) NOw im pretty sure it had the 4.3 in all rear end fluids the same for the s10 and s15 i beileve its still the stock rear end from the 4.3 so i dunno and whats a 350 take in oil in leters... its a motor outta a 89 cheyanne but it still the 350TBI....
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Most V-8's take anywhere from 4-5 qts. I can't tell you how many liters that is, not a metric person. Best bet to find out how many is go to an site like They have a chart. As far as the rear goes, you just drain whats in it and take out the plug on the side of the housing. You fill it up there and when it's full the oil will come out the hole. As soon as it starts to come out the fill's full.
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