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Hi - I have read may of the past posts regarding the C-4 suspension - and some of it still leaves me hanging - snicker.
For the rear it appears that having the half shafts level is the way most are installed ,I found in some GM tec info some place that there is about 3.5 inches of compresion and rebound for the rear suspension, if you install the half shafts level it looks like you only get about 2.5 inches of compresion - is that about what ever one else has found? I have never seen the suspension under a stock corvette so I dont know if the half shafts are at a angle down or not at standard ride hieght.
Has anyone taken the complete front cradle of the C-4 ,Frame assemble with the suspension bolted to it and stuck that under there ride - I would think that it would make a nice clean job and it would be easier to install ? any photos out there ?
Does any one know what the upper control arm angles would be for the C-4 when the corvette is at stock ride height I assume that is how most every one else has installed the front suspension under there cars ?
any thoughts or guidance would be a big help - I have a need to cut and weld something !
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