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Hello guys,
this question is how my thread about Dupont product has evolved. From trying to repair a rust spot, I am now converging on repainting a snow blower to develop my "painting" skills!
To make a short story, I asked my stepfather if I could use his garage to fix my rust spot on my cavalier 05. His answer was: "If you only fix the biggest rust spot out about 10 smaller ones, you shouldn't waste your time. Instead, take more paint, time and repaint your entire car."
His suggestion was to train with my new quart of orange paint on his snow blower. And if the result is good, I should buy more paint, remove all the rust of my car and repaint it completely.
So, now I have 2k primer-filler, base coat and clear coat for a nice little snow blower. But it's painted with acrylic enamel for sure. Can I just sand it a bit before I apply my base coat, or do I have to bring it all to bare metal first for primer-bc/cc?

P.S. Did I mentioned that I've never used a spray gun yet?
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