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Hey there fellow rodders,
Can I shoot DP-90 in my garage or should I leave this to the professionals? Would an HVLP gun or system work? Its the overspray and fumes that I worry about. Are paint shops receptive to just shooting a prime coat? I like the nostalgic suede look and probably will never paint either of my trucks with a gloss finish.

Any ideas?

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Yes, you can try this at home. It is not the best way, but it is possible. Hose the floor, do it early in t5he morning before the flying critters are awake. Know that overspray will get to everything around, so mask, cover, tarp, move anything that should not get primed. Use any gun set up you are comfortable with. I'm still getting used to the gravity feed gun I have. I have an old Sharps I use just for primer. The only other thing to scope out is if your neighbors are environmentalists.To dry it good, scream down 495 from Andover to Marlboro and back, then hose it down with Mumford river water ;)
T-man, DP-90 doesnt take any special gun to spray it, HVLP is the way to go but you can get by with the siphon feed guns.
The only bad thing is DP will not stop water penetration to the steel underneath , as DP doesnt have UV protection.It is a very good product,but I havent used it in 4 years since it went lead free. If you want to keep the satin look I would put a couple coats of clear with flatening agent in it over the DP-90 for a little better potection of the elements.

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SprayTech is right, DP90 is now DPLF90, (lead free). You can put it on bare metal, applying several coats, and wet sand it with 1000 or smoother, and come up with a nice, dull but shiney paint job. I also agree, if you intend to keep it this way, shoot a couple coats of clear with flattening agent in it so it will seal the primer. You could also use K-36(or K200 if you can still find any) tinted with black DBC or base, which would come out as a dark grey color. This will also give you a medium gloss but dull finish, depends on how much sanding you do to if after the paint is laid down on it.
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