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Friends-I need to to know the space available for tires under the rear fenders of a 32 Ford coupe. In other words, how wide is it from the centerline to the inside of the wheelwell and how wide is it from the center line to the outer lip of the fende? Everything I have read seems to indicate I need a 55-56.5" rear end. The Nova 10 bolt I have now on my chassis is 60" wide,hub to hub. However, the wheels I've got have a deep offset. If I went to a shallow offset, couldn't I essentially move the wheels in effecting a shorter rear end? This seems like a cheaper way to go than to buy a narrowed 9" Ford and redrill the hubs to take my GM wheels or to look for a 8" Grenada/Pinto that will fit and redrill the hubs. So can anyone help with the measurements or can you eexplain why this won't work? Thanks! :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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