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New to the forum... referred by a co-worker who has done extensive hot-rodding, and frequently uses the forums and knowledge base.

I'm a federal employee and work for the Army at Tooele (too ill a) Army Depot in Utah. I'm married and have 6 kids-- all grown. I took vocational auto mechanics in high school and college, and worked as an Ordnance Officer while in the Army-- dealing with tracked vehicles such as the M-1 Abrams, and the M-60 tanks. Also turned wrenches for a while, and sold equipment and accessories for trucks-- service bodies, cranes, snowplows, dump beds, etc.

I'm looking to customize my '68 GMC C10 2wd pickup and needed a good source of information. I'll post pictures as I go... it might be of interest. My immediate plans:

Replace 250 I-6 and 4 speed with 350 V-8 and TH 350.

Convert axles to 5 lug pattern

Convert front drums to disc brakes.

Repair damaged/rusted body panels.

Install power steering

Install power brakes.

Look forward to learning from the "old hands".


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Hey! We are glad to have you with us...Welcome to Hotrodders. :welcome:
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