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Howdy, from the (wilddog) butch houy

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Just wanted to get acquainted with yunze guys. I am 65, rather fat and darn handsom, but don't get no ideas. I belong to a 70 chevy short box pickup 3 inch chop top, with 4in. drop in front and 5 in. in rear. It don't look bad if ya stand back far enough. It sports a fairly healthy 383 with a th400 trany. Best time is 13.01. I can't afford to make it go any faster. I also have a 70 chevy panel truck which ,(after a whole mess of cutting and welding) is a pretty solid, work in progress, ride.. I got into hotrodding late in life the pick up is my first performance build. Started in '95', I was realy poor before then. Well that's enough chatter, I just want to let you know that most of my communication will be in the form of :welcome: questions rather than answers.
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Welcome to the site... :thumbup:

Thanks! This kompooter stuff is way over my head :confused:
Post some pics of your rides so we can see what you have going on. :welcome: . Cole
Welcome to Hotrodders
Is it Burgandy? Ever had it to WV

I'll post some pics when I figure how to do it. No the pick up is early chevy (don't call it orange) light red. and the closest it has been to w.v. was the flashlight drags at waynesburg airport in pa. The panel truck is in black epoxy prime waiten for a decision.
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