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Hey guys, so I'm 19 and recently bought a 1968 Dodge Dart 270.
It's my third car but I really consider it my first. I had a 97 Cadillac Deville that didn't run and I sold it before I even got a license. Then I had purchased a '92 Mazda Navajo from my neighbor for $800 but it pretty much wanted to have me killed after sending me into a 360 into the third lane for hitting the brakes on the interstate.
Didn't hit a thing and kept driving(after pulling over to the side to catch my breath). So I sold it for $250.

So, I purchased a 1968 Dodge Dart for $1250 from a guy going into the military and could no longer work on it.
I absolutely love this car even though it's probably costing me more to fix it than it will ever be worth.

It has a Slant-6 225 engine, pretty much stock everything.
Idk if I found the right forum for this, but hey might as well give it a shot.

So yea, I plan on fixing it up and will probably start a thread into more detail soon.

Brian Martin,Freelance adviser
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Welome! You sound like me when I was your age, ROCK ON guy, and WELCOME! :thumbup:

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