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commencing to put together a 351 Windsor engine outtava 69 Mustang Grande. All the teardown, machining, parts are done or onhand. So it was only two years ago I tore this thing down, hmmmmm...... lookin fer a bit of insight. Sure seemed easier the last time I rebuilt this engine in 1985. I'm kinda lookin for a distributor cause my original looks a trifle worn and I need to figure out how much an Autolite 4300 4bbl carb or carb rebuild kit costs and where can be obtained. (is this not sorta like the usual intros ?) ain't never really done this kind of research before. anywho, hope things work out well. the best thing about my rebuild is I got no time constraints. That and I have the entire rest of the car to rebuild as well. Catch up y'all after the hurricane beats us up here in northeast Penn.

good luck to us all

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