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When it comes to hot rod, car, and boat upholstery, I've benatitawyl. Furniture too. I like the craft and I like the folks that I meet in the different hobby fields.
I live in SoCal, in the inland empire. Ever wonder why they call it the 'Inland Empire'? It's because San Bernadino county has more land area than any other municipality in the world and is larger than some european and asian nations. Add that to Riverside county (where I live) and you've got yourself a sizeable chunk of real estate. I work out of a small shop which suites me fine, with lots of space outside for all of the projects my partner and I are working on. The latest is a Donzi Daytona, which I'll have a question about in the tech forum.
Well, I'm glad I found y'all (that's my southern California accent sneakin' in. :welcome:
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