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Hey Guys.

What do you guys think would be the estimated HP and tourqe on the combo below. If i have missed providing any required info to make an accurate estimate please let me know.

Thanks in advance

SBC 350 .030 Stock internals
AFR 180cc heads
comp magnum 270 cam (duration 224 at .50 int/exh.47 lift)
Edelbrock Rpm air gap
Holley 670 street avenger
1 5/8 headers / Magna flows

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i think the 430/435 estimate from the website is a bit high

i would guess around 400-410hp and 415-420tq (not a bad little street motor)

now if you were willing to go with a hyd roller cam set up with a similar duration but yet closer to .550", and spend a little extra money on having those heads cleaned up just a little bit, i think those numbers could be closer to 440hp/440tq
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