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Short and sweet this time guys:

Official dates: mark your calendars!

June 24th-26th 2005, Columbus, Ohio.

Helrazr has an official list of hotels in the area. THe local drag strip has not updated its 2005 schedule yet, so we're still waiting on those details.

You guys psyched or what?!

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I was till I realized that fate will once rear its ugly head to destroy my car being done plans. HG:(
yea i think we are going to have a good time. and dont worry about not having your ride on the road in time just bring your pretty mugs in your daily drivers if you have to. cars would be nice but are not nessasary. so clear your calander and lets have some fun.

wOOt wOOt wOOt!!!!!!!!:thumbup:
Don't know if I'll have her street legal yet but I'll deffinately hav'er running by then. That's a date I think I can make. Cool!:thumbup: Roaaaaddddd Triiiiippp!!!!!!!
glad to see continued interest. Hemi if you don't come down to ohio I'll be forced to...

uh well, considering how huge you are, probably nothing.

But please show up.


I am hoping there will be some sort of registration desk/rondevue point or something like that with a real addy and phone number so those coming have a place to meet at..??

omt, im going to pick an area hotel and reserve a few rooms. i don't know which one yet but i have a good list that i got from the goodguys site i figure that we could meet there. i plan on doing this next month. anyone who wants to get a room at the same hotel can use one of mine (if there are any extra) or you can get your own at the same hotel, or go to another if you want and then just meet up after. the little details like time and stuff can be worked out later on but we will post as much info as possible its tough to do right now because we don't know how many people are seriously going to want to make plans so it will be a little easier once we get a fairly solid head count. we,ll be getting a lot of info on different activities and cruses and things so stay tuned for updates. if you have a specific question you can pm me and i,ll be glad to do what i can to help.
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when in the he#% were gatherings #1 and #2?:mad:
I'm izz in fo duh get downizzle fo sho-izzle, you dig-izzle nizzle.

If it looks likes attendance will be low I'm sure I can get a few cops to follow me to the meet.
I dont know if I can make it hence old truck,and no money. Of coarse,an old car isn't an excuse obviously,lol. But when you've only been driving for 6 months,a cross-country drive can be scarry.
Me and mine will rumble in,unless some misfortune strikes.We love to cruise,I mean I love to cruise.She likes to complain about how loud my car is on the inside,and no A/C.
RCastle said:
Me and mine will rumble in,unless some misfortune strikes.We love to cruise,I mean I love to cruise.She likes to complain about how loud my car is on the inside,and no A/C.

thats why i cruise solo, just me the road and my destination!!!!:cool:
im still going but my plans to have the car finished is probably not going to happen, but i will bring it with a trailer.
Thanks for wanting me there.
Im going to be there, but I meant I probably wont have my ride. HG
Hell Hemmi,if I hit the PowerBall,I will help you get the Gremlin ready!I might even make me a 225 MPH T/A.:thumbup:
Sounds like nobody is bringing their rods... :( :confused:
Well I'm bringing mine, and if you don't want to be buying me beers all night, make sure yours can run 12's.

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