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Hunter System 700 tire balancer

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I just bought a used Hunter System 700 electronic balancer. This one even came with the user's manual and parts list. It appears to date from the 1980s (the manual cover has a picture of a Ford Fairmont). Unfortunately, the manual has nothing on calibration. Is anyone familiar with the calibration requirements or process for this unit? Thanks.
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700 Balancer

Send me an email adress and I will send you the service manual in PDF form
does anyone have the procedure on how to calerbrate this machine
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Hunter 700

Send me an email address and I will PDF you a copy of the manual
Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?

Hunter Wheel Balancers
I tried your email address and it just returns to me, PM me another address or email me at [email protected]. and I will send you the factory manuals
system 700 balancer

Could you email me the service manual for the system 700 balancer too?
My email is [email protected].com
Hunter 700 wheel balancer manual

:confused: I'm in the same boat, floating with no paddles. I have no clue how to use the machine so if anyone has access to a manual it would be greatly appreciated. :)
Hunter manual

:confused: :confused: I forgot to leave my email address just in case, [email protected] :cool:
Re: hunter manual

:) Thanks to oldcpecdr for the manuals. I received them shortly after my post today. You guys are great :thumbup:
Is the Hunter 700 a 3-phase or single phase unit?
Re: hunter 700

My 700 is a single phase unit.
Hunter System 700 Tire Balancer Manual

oldcpecdr said:
Send me an email adress and I will send you the service manual in PDF form
My email is : [email protected]

Thank you.

Hunter 700 balancer

oldcpecdr said:
Send me an email adress and I will send you the service manual in PDF form
I also would like intuction manuel if you still have this was off older post sometime back,thanks mike [email protected]
Lot of Old 700's

Must be lot's of old 700 Balancers out there, Manuals sent...GL
Hunter System 700

Hi went to fire up our balancer this morning and it's not working. :( .. I would really appreciate a copy of the manuals and calibration instructions.... Thank You very much in advance

[email protected]
hunter system 700

If any of the manuals or repair specs are still available
edgyboy , a new member who just registered less than an hour ago , still has his fingers crossed. Please forward a copy to [email protected]

Thanking all of you who choose to respond. :
another hunter 700

Any info out there on the automatic stop(reverse polarity)on the 700 series.Mine works only when the stop button is pushed and held.Also requires the stop button or it will spin all day.I kinda figured both problems are related.The caliberation specs would be a great help too.reply to [email protected] . Thanks Ted
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