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can you see me?

leaving here in about an hour to go "hog" hunting........ because you don't need a hunting license to go "hog" hunting ;) .

anywho, so who all is ready to go this season?

i think that its more exciting just walking out in the woods in pitch black darkness by yourself.......... cause i don't care who you are or how big of a gun you have, its freaking nerve racking.
i'm never scared of anything.... i never jump when someone trys to scare me or anything for that matter, but there is something about walking around out in the woods at night that just freaks a brotha' out, lol but i like it because it helps me over come my fears.

anywho, wish me luck.... hopefully i'll bring back some bloody pictures of a huge "hog"..........or if we don't see anything, maybe a cow :thumbup:

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ok, lets try this again, didn't post the first time.....

Not to burst your bubble, but mainly just so you don't get in any trouble with the guys in the green trucks, (game wardens) but in Texas you need to have a hunting license to hunt anything, including hogs. Call Texas parks and wildlife or read that Little book you get from academy with your license.
New this year is the changes to the fishing license. To fish now you have to buy the regular fishing license, plus a saltwater stamp, and or a fresh water stamp
I take off from work every year the first week of bow season and regular season. Hopefully Ill be going sunday. Then again i might just stay home and work on the car some more with this screwy Texas weather, and wait till it gets cooler for hunting.
Our place when its warm the rattle snakes are out in full force, and with the weeds two feet tall and the four wheeler broken its kind of interesting getting to the blind.

good luck with your trip....
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