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Anyone have experience with Hurst Street Rod Shifter-Front Mount? Part #3835691

They say it is a Detent Type Shifter which means you have to push down on the knob to move it from park to reverse and etc.
Do you have to do this for all positions on a Turbo 350? I hope so, I'm looking for a shifter that can't be knocked out of gear while cruising down the highway. My dog (Buddy the Pit Bull) gets a little excited from time to time and has on occasion knocked my Gennie Shifter into neutral at 70 mph or knocked it back into Drive I at 70 mph. NOT GOOD!!!! Old heart can't take much of that........if you know what I mean Vern!!!!

Any input would be appreciated!!! I want to replace the Nostalgia Gennie Shifter (23" Bent Handle) with one that looks just like it.

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